Dassler began to touch the craftsmanship and design of shoes

Mentioned the adidas brand, for many after 8090, it is familiar. But there are a lot of unknown stories behind it, and even you know that adidas can’t miss it. Its founder was born in an ordinary family in Herzna, Germany. His parents were designer replica shoemakers. In the early years, Adolf Dassler began to touch the craftsmanship and design of shoes.
But the hard-working and hard-working people are not clothes so mediocre and ordinary. Adolf Dassler is not only a shoemaker, but also an obsessed amateur track and field athlete who is cheering in person, no matter if it is a big or small event. Like the players cheering
In the summer of 1926, at the age of 26, he started business best high quality and his brother set up a Dassler shoe factory. His brother was responsible for sales. His younger brother was responsible for the development of a singer and began to flourish. After a few years, the Dassler shoe factory has long been famous uk usa. A steady stream of design talents and craftsmanship, the world’s first pair of skates was born in this shoe factory.
But the reality is not so satisfactory canada. With the outbreak of the war in World War II, the two brothers were forced to join the Nazi Party. There is no way that the shoe factory can only be forced to stop production, with the cruelty of the war and the long time. Brother Rudolph became a US prisoner of war in the war between the German Nazi Party and the US Army, but he firmly believed that his brother was betrayed. This also laid the groundwork for the relationship between the two brothers. The contradiction between the two families is also rising, no one is. Who do you believe?